World Water Week


As a compliment to the official programme of the World Water Week we provide the possibility to arrange your own closed meeting at our venue.

What is a closed meeting?

A closed meeting is defined as an internal, strategic meeting, discussing a pre-  arranged and closed topic with a defined goal, aimed at a priorly decided audience/group of participants: It can be a committee meeting of some sort, an annual meeting, a board meeting, a project initiation, a brainstorming session or something along these lines.

In addition, all attendees of the meeting must be officially registered delegates of the World Water Week.

A closed meeting needs to follow the below criteria:


A closed meeting is NOT: an open meeting (open to all delegates of the World Water Week) with a vague or open objective/topic. It cannot have any promotional purposes, and cannot fit the event descriptions in the WWW program (e.g. seminars etc).

If the criteria above are violated by the organisers of a closed meeting, SIWI reserves the right to immediately suspend the meeting and to apply an extra event fee. The event fee, which will be added to the initial closed meeting booking fee, will amount to 40.000sek/90min booked for the scheduled closed meeting.

Please Note: The price for booking a room will automatically increase by 35% on the 1 July, 2018.